Principle 4: Possibilities

Action steps for activating the principle of possibilities:

Make a list of what other people have told you about your potential (what you do well, what they recognize as unique talent, and so on). What can you learn about your future potential by contemplating this list?  

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True Test of Leadership

I spent some time in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a few weeks ago which was quite a highlight for me in 2014. The group I worked with was very passionate about pursuing their optimal potential and will undoubtedly inspire and encourage others - a true test of leadership!

Are you an incomplete leader?

"Transformation as a leader compels you to develop your skills to their greatest POTENTIAL. Doing so opens you up to achieving whatever you set out to do—whether it is an immediate goal like getting promoted or a far-off goal like becoming a top leader in your industry." - Ron Price and Randy Lisk, The Complete Leader: Everything You Need to Become a High-Performing Leader

Leadership Nampa begins a new year!

I enjoyed kicking off this year's leadership development session for Leadership Nampa. It's going to be a great year! Thank you Nampa Chamber for investing in your community's leaders and to Idaho Power for hosting this month's class.

Principle 8: Intention

Until you are undone by the revelation of the infinite potential that resides within you, you cannot possibly put in the hard work necessary to do something beyond what you previously thought possible.  Either you will be content maintaining your present circumstances, or, at best, you will be satisfied with just a little more.  You must fully comprehend your latent potential to be able to take the steps to change your life.

Principle 4: Possibilities

  • Could you fulfill a secret dream if you had more money?
  • Would you take on a new project that could significantly change your life if you had more time?
  • What more would you attempt to do if you could tap into more energy?
Each of us has a limited amount of these resources (money, time, and energy) that provide the opportunities for improving our lives. But, we all have some.

New Book Offers Fresh Perspective on Human Potential

(BOISE, Idaho – September 28, 2011) - Aloha Publishing, a Boise-based publishing company announced today the release of Treasure Inside: 23 Unexpected Principles That Activate Greatness by Ron Price.  Mr. Price is the founder and CEO of Price Associates (Price-Associates.com), a consulting firm that creates excellence within executive teams. 

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