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"Treasure Inside provides a nice framework for personal reflection. Written in plain English it offers practical and proven advice for people on how to reach their maximum fulfillment in life. The book is structured in small segments that can be easily read in five or ten minutes; each segment describing one of the 23 treasures waiting for us to be discovered and acted upon. Ron's candid prose provides plenty of examples on how these treasures have molded his own life.

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Do you know what you want to focus on in the new year?  Watch Ron's recent interview on KTVB's It's Your Business as he talks about his new book and resources that will help you pursue your highest potential.  Don't miss the free self-assessment offer!

Self-Assessment for the Treasure Inside 23 Principles

To use this self-assessment read through the principles and mark off each principle you currently implement in your life. Think about how you can activate additional principles by using what you have read in Treasure Inside. Take the assessment at the beginning of each month and see how you may be adding depth to your life by checking off additional statements.

To view or download the Self-Assessment, click here.


Principle 22: Gratitude

I recently realized that there is only one national holiday named after an attitude: Thanksgiving. Although Canadians celebrate it the second Monday in October and Americans celebrate it the fourth Thursday in November, the idea behind it is the same. When we were kids, Thanksgiving meant lots of food and a day of fun with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and the occasional family acquaintance that had nowhere else to celebrate. It’s a time to enjoy the company of loved ones—like Christmas, but without the gifts.

New Book Offers Fresh Perspective on Human Potential

(BOISE, Idaho – September 28, 2011) - Aloha Publishing, a Boise-based publishing company announced today the release of Treasure Inside: 23 Unexpected Principles That Activate Greatness by Ron Price.  Mr. Price is the founder and CEO of Price Associates (, a consulting firm that creates excellence within executive teams. 


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