Giving is an Attitude

Here are some suggestions for releasing the full power of giving into your life:

  • Give early and give often
  • Give to those who cannot give in return
  • Give to those who oppose you

Giving is an attitude!

From Principle 23: Giving


The Pull Toward Greatness

At some point in life, each of us aspires to greatness. Not a greatness defined by others, but a purpose that each of us feels deep within. Something or someone impacts us in a way that makes us respond,

What an honor!

I appreciate the honor of being named one of Idaho's top 10 Authors and Treasure Inside is recognized as one of Idaho's top non-fiction books for 2012. Thank you Idaho Book Extravaganza!

Principle 14: Persistence

"Most of us don't give up in dramatic ways - instead, we usually find quiet, subtle ways to turn away from our dreams of greatness, to settle for a life of convenience and mediocrity. Sometimes, our compromise is so subtle that even we don't realize that we lost the zeal for greatness that once captured our imaginations. When this occurs, we stop the faithful execution of the activities, discipline, and perseverance necessary to bring our dreams into reality." 

Principle 4: Possibilities

  • Could you fulfill a secret dream if you had more money?
  • Would you take on a new project that could significantly change your life if you had more time?
  • What more would you attempt to do if you could tap into more energy?
Each of us has a limited amount of these resources (money, time, and energy) that provide the opportunities for improving our lives. But, we all have some.

Your Treasure is Timeless

It doesn't matter what your age is, where you have already been, or the extent of success or failure you have experienced up to this point. The past cannot be changed, whether good or bad.

Today is the day for you to activate these 23 principles in your life in pursuit of your fullest potential. The choices you make to practice these principles will unleash how much greatness you share with the world tomorrow.

Principle 13: Enthusiasm

For enthusiasm to be real, it can't be a gimmick. It can't be a mask we put on to make other people think everything is okay on the inside. For enthusiasm to be effective, it must be authentic. We must truly aspire to accomplish something worth accomplishing and, in doing so, throw our whole energy into it.

Thank you for the great review!

Ron Price is the consummate professional in every aspect of business, life, spirit and friendship. His ability to pull the best from each person he touches has led me to lead an enriched life beyond my expectations. I have called upon Ron's patience and coaching to lead me through a time of enormous growth. His book, "Treasure Inside", will do the same for those that are willing to try on some new clothes of change.
- Whit Mitchell, Working InSync

Principle 3: Optimism

You will find this great quote at the beginning of the chapter on optimism: ‎"A group of children first visited a planetarium, then looked at a tiny flower. Afterward they drew on paper some of the things they had seen. One boy put a dot in the corner of the drawing. 'This is me,' he wrote, then added thoughtfully, 'but I am bigger than the stars because I can think." - Anonymous


A Great Place to Work

Ron Price

This is the fifth year for the Best Places to Work in Idaho program, a collaboration between POPULUS, the Idaho Business Review, and Price Associates that uses confidential surveys to annually rank employee satisfaction, work environment, work-life balance, and more. The results of these surveys determine which businesses receive the prestigious “Best Place to Work in Idaho” title.


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