How to get the most out of pain

Here is one action step to focus on for Principle 12: Pain - I do not blame others or circumstances for my problems, realizing instead that every problem contains the seeds of an equivalent or greater benefit.

I'll Push You

Principle 16: Friendship - I'll Push You is the story of two best friends' journey on the 500-mile Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail across northern Spain. It's a story of struggle, triumph, hope and accomplishment in the face of a severe disability.


Principle 15: Listening

Any skill can be executed correctly or incorrectly, but listening will increase the likelihood of success. What are some of the biggest mistakes we make in listening to others? Probably the biggest is when we "listen to respond." The second mistake is listening to argue and the third mistake is listening autobiographically. Read more about Principle 15: Listening in "Treasure Inside" and learn how some simple steps can help you grow bigger ears and hearts, empowering you to become more valuable to others and, in turn, increase your own happiness and success.


Principle 4: Possibilities

Action steps for activating the principle of possibilities:

Make a list of what other people have told you about your potential (what you do well, what they recognize as unique talent, and so on). What can you learn about your future potential by contemplating this list?  

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Vision, goals, choice and commitment - these are the ultimate diamonds of the mind. When you discover them within and learn how to cut and polish them, they will bring you acres and acres of diamonds. Read Principle 9: Providence, to learn more.


Beating Blue Monday

A challenge for you and your team!  Read Beating Blue Monday

Getting Ahead by Seeing Ahead

Join me for a free webinar Thursday, January 22, at 9:00 am MST around the concept of Futuristic Thinking. This is one of the competencies for leadership excellence.

Cutting and Polishing Your Treasure Inside

Goals provide the "cutting and polishing" of your treasure inside. They take the raw material and put it to use in a productive manner, improving and enlarging your life in relations to the world around you. To use another analogy, goals harness the innate power within, much in the same way that a hydroelectric plant can turn running water into enough electrical force to light up a city. Are you utilizing goals in your life?

True Test of Leadership

I spent some time in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a few weeks ago which was quite a highlight for me in 2014. The group I worked with was very passionate about pursuing their optimal potential and will undoubtedly inspire and encourage others - a true test of leadership!

Treasure Inside Wins Book Award in Inspiration Category

Our team at Price Associates was recently honored in the North American and Idaho Book Award competitions. We are very proud of this accomplishment. Authoring books is an important part of capturing our associates’ expertise and furthering the mission of Price Associates, which is in part to help leaders solve problems and enhance learning. "Treasure Inside" was recognized in second place in the Inspiration category of the 2014 Idaho Author Award Winners.


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