Principle 7: Visualization

I'm preparing the lesson for tomorrow's Leadership Nampa class. I can't wait to hear how these emerging leaders answered 3 questions for Principle 7: Visualization.
1. Make a list of your top ten heroes, either still living or from history. What attributes or achievements do you admire in them? What if these same attributes or achievements could be realized through you?
2. Pretend you are attending your ninetieth birthday party and your closest friends and family are each speaking to honor you. Pick five of them (family members, friends, co-workers, service club associates, and one who observed you from a distance) and write out what they would say about you if you achieved your highest aspirations.
3. Write out the bravest, most exciting and rewarding vision of the next ten years of your life as you can imagine. Make this description as vivid and detailed as possible, realizing that the more specific you capture this vision, the greater impact it will have on your future journey.