Congratulations 2012 Leadership Nampa graduates!

Leadership Nampa is a program designed and facilitated by the Nampa Chamber of Commerce to help develop informed, committed and qualified leaders. Now in its 18th consecutive year, the program develops leadership individually, while leadership program participants learn about city business and civic leadership and the city's economic history.

For the past 5 years, it has been my privilege to provide the Leadership Development Training to each class. During our 9 months together we work on creating their individual leadership profiles for career development. This includes identifying their personal behavior styles, motivators and values.  Participants also work on developing their leadership skills and decision-making patterns. We talk about integrity in leadership and how to cultivate and increase their contribution to their own organizations in the future.

Part of the weekly homework assignment was to read a chapter or two from Treasure Inside and complete the accompanying action steps. I shared my book with the class to encourage them to aspire to greatness, to pursue their fullest potential and release their own treasure inside.  

I appreciate the Nampa Chamber for allowing me to serve my community through this great program!  A heartfelt congratulations to the 41 people who are part of this year's graduating class!