The Pull Toward Greatness


At some point in life, each of us aspires to greatness. Not a greatness defined by others, but a purpose that each of us feels deep within. Something or someone impacts us in a way that makes us respond, "I want to be ________________" or "I want to achieve _______________ before my life is over." 

For some, it is triggered by a role model who inspires us early in life. For others, it is a reaction to a negative experience or relationship that has shown us the dark side of life. In either case, the key to greatness is how we respond to our aspirations. 

Unfortunately, far too many people trade this hunger for greatness for a more secure, predictable existence of mediocrity and self-protection. Many of us surrender our dreams because of personal failure. We disappoint ourselves and lose confidence. Some of us walk away from our dreams because of perceived obligations to others. Still others of us lose faith because of cynicism from the inevitable setbacks and disappointments we encounter along the way. Yet, if you listen to your heart—really listen deeply—this yearning for greatness can still be heard, because it is a part of life itself.